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I am pleased to introduce you to HomeRun Ventures, the first SportsTech venture fund in Israel.


The sports global market, already estimated at $150BN, continues to develop at a remarkable pace, making SportsTech one of the fastest growing fields for technology investments.


SportsTech encompasses all aspects of the sports market from performance enhancements, wearable devices, digital media, smart stadiums, fitness, nutrition & health, fan engagement, gear & equipment, fantasy gaming to e-sports. 

HomeRun Ventures’ focus is in Israeli sports technology ventures. Israel is a world leader in terms of entrepreneurship, technology and VC investments and boasts some of the most innovative startups in the field of SportsTech.


As a professional early stage investor with a proven track record of growing successful technology companies, and, as a former owner, chairman and board member of professional Israeli sports clubs, I hold extensive experience in both the fields of sports and tech and have built a wide-ranging global network.


Together with a skilled team of managers and top advisors from the world of sports and venture capital, HomeRun Ventures is in a unique position to identify, invest in and grow innovative SportsTech ventures. 


I invite you to join us at HomeRun Ventures to be exposed to the most innovative technologies of tomorrow and enjoy superior return on investment.

Performance Enhancements
Smart Stadiums
Nutrition & Health
Fan Engagement
Gear & Equipment
Wearable Devices
Digital Media
Fantasy gaming
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